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Animated Typing Utility with JavaScript

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·May 21, 2019·

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Ever wished a animated typing effect in your webproject? If yes, you should definitive check out the typit.js library. Last days i stumbled upon that interesting library.

The effect looks like:


How could you implement it?

Let we say, you would like to use this effect to show others your different job experiences.

First place a tag inside your code like that one:

<p id="replaceJobs"></p>

Then create a typeit.js file with the content

new TypeIt('#replaceJobs', {
    strings: ["Job1", "Job2", "Job3"],
    speed: 200,
    cursorSpeed: 1000,
    nextStringDelay: 750,
    loop: true,
    breakLines: false,
    waitUntilVisible: true

Now add the JavaScript to your Layout Section:

<script src=""></script>

and refer your typeit.js to that page, where your "replaceJobs" tag is placed. Now your type effect will start :-)

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