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Package update fails for postinst scripts

Problem [German] Recently an apt upgrade aborted because there was a problem in a package with the scripts that were supposed to be executed after the installation. The whole thing looked like this: So the problem here was in the pengwin-base package. Solution First I changed to the directory /var/lib/dpkg/info and searched for the file pengwin-base.postinst. Now I opened the file in an editor …

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Minimal API-Key Solution

Problem I was looking for a solution to provide a minimal solution for API key checks with minimal effort. Solution ApiKeyMiddleware.cs: public class ApiKeyMiddleware { private readonly RequestDelegate _next; private const string APIKEYNAME = "ApiKey"; public ApiKeyMiddleware(RequestDelegate next) { _next = next; } public async Task InvokeAsync(HttpContext …

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Support the open source community? Yes with pleasure, but how?

Have you ever thought the same way? If so, this article might interest you. Every day we consciously and unconsciously come into contact with free software. Even very many cloud servers use Linux and similar open source operating systems. There is a vast amount of free software from various fields: Research, education, business, medicine and many other areas. Especially the GNU project has …

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Synchronise Github Repository with Azure DevOps

Problem Sometimes we face the problem that we want to synchronise an existing Gitub repository with another repository on Azure DevOps. For example, to deploy from there to Azure. So what is the best way to proceed? Solution After several attempts, I found the best solution for me. First, I added the following secrets in the "Secrets" section of the Github Actions: AZUREPAT (Here you add …

ASP .NET Core Lesson learned Github

Zelda 3 - A Link to the Past for Windows, Linux und MacOS

Gerne denke ich an die 90er zurück. Der Start der Heimcomputer, der speziellen Musik, und der Spiele. Eines der Spiele, an die ich gerne zurückdenke, ist "Zelda - A Link to the Past". Schon Ende der 80er hatte Nintendo diese epische Reihe gestartet. So sah das ganze damals aus: Especially the third part from 1995 had made huge steps forward. Better graphics and orchestral sound.   Until now, …

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