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Welcome to Moonglade

Moonglade is the new blog system for It is a complete rewrite of the old system using .NET 6 and runs on Microsoft Azure. …

Animated Typing Utility with JavaScript

Ever wished a animated typing effect in your webproject? If yes, you should definitive check out the typit.js library. Last days i stumbled upon that interesting library. The effect looks like: How could you implement it? Let we say, you would like to use this effect to show others your different job experiences. First place a tag inside your code like that one:  Then …


Fixing Ubuntu versions of MultiMarkdown

As here explained, that the Ubuntu versions of Multimarkdown are broken. The result is, that you can't export Scrievener documents into Latex documents, because the compiling process breaks with a unknown error. With that steps i have fixed it, so i can export to Latex. …

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