Ever wished a animated typing effect in your webproject? If yes, you should definitive check out the typit.js library. Last days i stumbled upon that interesting library.

The effect looks like:

How could you implement it?

First of all you have to integrate the library as every other library too.

Let we say, you would like to use this effect to show others your different job experiences.

First place a tag inside your code like that one:  <p id="replaceJobs">

Then create a jobs.js file with the content:

new TypeIt( '#replaceJobs', { 
strings: ["Job1", "Job2", "Job3"],
speed: 200,
cursorSpeed: 1000,
nextStringDelay: 750,
loop: true,
breakLines: false,
waitUntilVisible: true } ).go();

Now add the JavaScript to your Layout Section and refer your typeit.js to that page, where your "replaceJobs" tag is placed. Now your type effect will start :-)

More on: https://typeitjs.com/