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Latex Curriculum Vitae 0.9.0-beta1 released!

Latex Curriculum Vitae 0.9.0-beta1 released!

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·Oct 22, 2020·

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After 4 weeks of hard work i'm pleased to announce the first public beta of Latex Curriculum Vitae.

What is Latex Curriculum Vitae? It is a little helper for writing job applications. I'm deliver a set of LaTEX documents where you can modify, or just use your already created one.

Inside Latex Curriculum Vitae you just have to type the job application dependend information. Latex Curriculum Vitae builds the LaTEX code, creates PDFs and sends out to the company.

Alt Text

Automatically it creates a CSV file, what you can use for printing all of your application details. Also it has a database, where you can manage the current status of your applications.

More information on: (

If you are an coder so please read: ( I need currently some help in some cases.

The last Exe can downloaded on (

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