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publican_creators version 1.2.0 available

A new release of publican_creators are now available.

publican_creators are a small tool for daily DocBook writers who are using the Redhat publican tool.

hoe-rubocop 1.0.8 released!

A new release of hoe-rubocop are now available.

Just use “gem install hoe-rubocop”.

hoe-reek 1.2.1 released!

A new release of hoe-reek are now available.

Tasks to integrate the reek code smell engine into your hoe projects. This project continues erics project (

hoe-packaging 1.2.1 released!

A new release of hoe-packaging are now available.

hoe-packaging is a plugin for the hoe ruby projecthelper ( It provides creation of rpm and deb packages, also a deployment to bintray.

hoe-manns 2.1.0 released!

A new release of hoe-manns are now available.

5 minor enhancements

ignore-me 0.1.0 released

I'm pleased to announce the successor of the bzrmk package: ignore-me.

After publishing the bzrmk package some people have asked, if i can provide a package which supports more version controlling systems. So i worked on ignore-me, which currently supports BZR, GIT, SVN and HG. A experimental support of CVS is also included. I don't know exactly if this really works on a CVS repository. So please let me know.

publican available for openSUSE

I'm pleased to announce publican for openSUSE.

Publican is a DocBook publication system, not just a DocBook processing tool. As well as ensuring your DocBook XML is valid, publican works to ensure your XML is up to publishable standard.
Because upstream depreached FOP support and prefers wkhtmltopdf, this version comes without FOP package dependencies. If you want to use FOP, then deinstall wkhtmltopdf. After the next start publican will use FOP again.

hoe-manns version 1.6.1 has been released!

hoe-manns is a small collection of my personal used rake tasks for using with hoe.Actually it includes that tasks:

latex_curriculum_vitae 2.0.0 veroeffentlicht

latex_curriculum_vitae ist ein Rubygem, welches bei der Erstellung der Bewerbungsmappen unterstützt.Das Programm erfragt alle relevaten Daten und kompiliert aus den LaTEX Quellen die Bewerbungsmappe.Auch ein Versand via Email wurde implementiert.

latex_curriculum_vitae 2.0.0 released

latex_curriculum_vitae is a Rubygem which help you to write your job applications.The program aks you for all relevant data for compiling
the curriculum vitae. It builds the motivational letter (if chosen in the gui), the cover and the cv.The resulting pdf will be found
in your home directory.Also it generates an email with a standard content, which allows you to send the mail with your cv directly.

Fixing Ubuntu versions of MultiMarkdown

As here explained, that the Ubuntu versions of Multimarkdown are broken.
The result is, that you can't export Scrievener documents into Latex documents, because the compiling process breaks with a unknown error.

With that steps i have fixed it, so i can export to Latex:

MultiMarkdown für Ubuntu fixen

Wie hier berichtet, scheint die Ubuntu Version von MultiMarkdown defekt zu sein.
Als Resultat daraus lassen sich mit Scrivener (der aktuellen Linux-Beta) keine Latex Dokumente erstellen, da der Kompilierungsvorgang mit einem unbekannten Fehler abbricht.

Mit den folgenden Schritten habe ich die Funktion wieder zum laufen gebracht:


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