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I have been working as a Windows Insider for several months and am trying to improve the user experience through bugreports and feature requests.

A key communication tool is the "Feeback Hub" introduced in Windows 10. Here you can submit your own wishes or found errors. Each Windows 10 user has the option to open their Feeback Hub and evaluate the feedback submitted.

Simply open the Feedback Hub and open a feedback. If you want to join the feeback, just click on the word "voice." The number of votes is currently increased by 1. If you want to discs a comment, you can do it at the bottom of the feedback.

All feedback is sighted by Microsoft. In many cases, Microsoft shows you that the feedback has arrived or is already being processed.

Now I will present you with my feedback. If you also think the feedback is important, I ask for your vote.

Add Dotfiles to hidden items

There are programs that work on both Windows and Linux. Some create config files and hidden Linux-style directories ($HOME/. Directory). I would suggest these files and directories that start with a point automatically hide.

Link to Feedback Hub:

Visual XAML Designer for Xamarin.Forms

I would like to suggest adding a visual XAML designer for Xamarin.Forms to Visual Studio.

Link to Feedback Hub:

Support for HTML "Details" tag

Most browsers have been supporting the "Details" HTML tag for a long time. I'd like to have that tag support in Edge.

Link to Feedback Hub:

Error code 7017 on Amazon Prime

Since Build 18282,1000, I have had the problem that appears with any movie in Amazon Prime, after a certain loading time, the 7017 error. The error is reproducible, but does not occur on Firefox or Google Chrome.

Link to Feedback Hub:


Sascha Manns

App & Web-Developer, Author


The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway.


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