Fixing Ubuntu versions of MultiMarkdown

As here explained, that the Ubuntu versions of Multimarkdown are broken.
The result is, that you can't export Scrievener documents into Latex documents, because the compiling process breaks with a unknown error.

With that steps i have fixed it, so i can export to Latex:< ul >< li > sudo apt - get purge libtext - multimarkdown - perl < li > sudo apt - get install cmake checkinstall < li > git clone< li > cd into the checked out repository < li >./ link_git_modules < li >./ update_git_modules < li > make < li > cd build < li > make < li > make test < li > checkinstall < p > The 'make test' command should fail with one test.Additional documents about checkinstall you can get < a title = "Checkinstall" href = "" hreflang = "en" > there .More about the Scrievener Latex - Configuration is available < a title = "Abnormaldata" href = "" hreflang = "en" > there .


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